Date: 6/5/2009

Doc No: 001/agus/151/2009

Problem : Installing Windows Xp sp 2 on Dell Vostro 1400

Problem Detail:

Ive got some problem for dell vostro 1400, when im repair with registry cleaner ive got error code in next restart the error code is 0x800405aa. After that im browsing at internet about that error code.. and at the microsoft tech site was tell to me, the error code is cause windows third party program, but im still not know what causing the problem.

And after I repair it with windows xp sp 2 ive got problem error code is 0x80070002

Still confusing.

It make me insane, coz this laptop is not mine.. hehehehehe

Step 1.

Try to safe data with ubuntu life cd, and backing up it to another partition.

step 2

Prepare Windows XP sp 2 Installation CD and Driver Dell Vostro

Step 3

Formatting it

And Finally, I have a fresh windows on my Notebook..